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I wanted to take the time to welcome everyone back to our camp. We made a splash last year and I know that it will do the same this year. The reason that we take such pride in the camp is that it is a lifelong passion of mine to care and have concern for my native Macon , Georgia Kids. I too was once a little baller running around with nothing to enhance my skills to get better as a ball player. So it saddens me to see the plight of the Macon and midddle Georgia ball Player today.

In saying that we really want it also to be a safe and fun enviornment for all kids both boys and girls. We want it to be a santuary for the up and coming ball player. Our staff of over 15 people make sure that all is good with each and every camper.

This year we had a chance to change our venue with respect to us needing a better contract. and better enviornment for our kids. We decided on Central Georgia Technical College on Rocky Creek Rd .It has always been a beacon in the community and now it will shine even brighter as we come together to Bring Basketball back to the City. They gave us a chance to also grow the game and I plan on doing coaching clinics there, mini camps and all sorts of things to make my dream come true. That dream is to grow the game in my home town and make sure that we get back on track with excellence and history of great basketball. That is the dream of the legendary Coach Don Richardson, all of his players and also every player who has ever played the game in Macon and Middle Georgia. So in saying that, CGTC is giving us a chance to Keep our game alive in middle Georgia.

In closing I will be updating the blog to give out plenty of facts and great informaton for all campers and Parents. Please register and become a member as our guest book will be open as well. Please feel free to chat on it. Remember that our register site is [email protected] and you can register your kid or kids there. Leave their name and address, t shirt size, age and Phone number. We will take care of the rest. Cost is 85 dollars one awesome week.

The address for Central Georgia Technical college

1931 Rocky Creek road.

Macon, Georgia

Our mission remains strong.

Coach Wright.


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November 07, 1994

Sharone Wright

Hank Hersch

When Sharone Wright was at Southwest High in Macon, Ga., he trained his spine to curve by slouching deep in his desk chair. He walked the halls with a pigeon-toed shuffle and ran the basketball court with his head scrunched down into his shoulders and both arms flailing. At home he sat transfixed in front of every Philadelphia 76er game on TV. Like a Method actor, Wright was prepping for the role of NBA center Moses Malone. "I knew everything there was to know about Moses, that's how much I loved him," Wright says.


Today those who know both players claim that the Sixer rookie, 21, does a convincing imitation of his idol. "I always say, 'Hey, Mo...I mean, Sharone,' " says 76er assistant coach Maurice Cheeks, a former teammate of Malone's. "He looks just like Moses."


Just as Malone led Philly to the NBA title in 1983 by banging bodies and pounding the boards, so the 6'11", 260-pound Wright is literally in position to one day lead the Sixers to a championship. They used the No. 6 pick in last June's draft to select Wright, then a junior at Clemson, and they are counting on him to provide Malone-ish muscle and menace in support of spindly center Shawn Bradley. At Clemson, Wright averaged a double-double in each of his last two seasons, and as a sophomore he was second in the nation in blocks, with 4.1 per game.


Other athletes have fascinated Wright. He has long been a fan of sports biographies, from Mickey Mantle's to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's to Wayne Gretzky's. This preseason he read Winning a Day at a Time, John Lucas's recently published autobiography recounting his basketball career and his struggle with drug and alcohol addiction. Lucas happens to be both Wright's 76er coach and the general manager who enthusiastically chose him. "I love everything about Sharone as a player and a person," Lucas says. "His talent, his knowledge of the history of the game, his commitment to his family, his honesty."


Lucas's story moved Wright. "It's deep, the deepest one I've ever read," he says. "If there's a hell, Luke's been there."


Sadly, Wright has more than book knowledge of such depths. His father, Ronnie Martin, who had played basketball at Savannah State, lost his own battle with the devils of addiction. The day Sharone announced he would attend Clemson, Martin got so drunk at home that he phoned the police and asked them to take him to the local detox center. But when the authorities arrived, Martin had changed his mind about going; he stood in the door, holding a pistol. A long standoff ensued, which ended when Martin charged the police line, waving a hatchet and firing the gun. The police returned the fire, and Martin died of multiple gunshot wounds.


"It still hurts a lot, because we were so close," says Wright (his mother is Carolyn Wright). "But you don't mourn it, because you're playing ball. You use basketball to get through it."


Now Wright is trying to get through Lucas's boot camp. He shed 30 pounds before the draft but still was not in game shape. "He'll get there," Lucas says. "That's my job."


In the meantime Wright continues to collect Malone lore. Cheeks recently recalled for him the legend of how Moses's sweat once filled two buckets after he had played a full 48 minutes. "Moses was a man—a lot of his game was heart," Wright says. "I have to develop that."




Special Needs.

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With the world looking down some times, Its important to count your blessings. I found that out this week at the special needs camp . We encountered soo many special needs children that go each and every day with a disadvantage. The disadvantage is not their handicap. The disadvantage is the fact that there are no safe ways for them to grow and to advance beyond their handicaps. I learned more in one week and people than Ive learned this whole past year. They scored, they smiled, they laughed and they made the camp like it was christmas. Im so blessed to have done this camp and will continue to do them . My favorite people in the work are those who smile because their smile is all they count on each day. 

Coach Wright.


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On behalf  of our  entire staff, I want to welcome you to our website. Since last year we have been planning this camp and exactly 14 years ago my basketball camp made alot of  kids happy in The Macon Area. I wanted to bring back that glory and that element of teaching the game but on an even higher level. I pride myself on helping other but this camp will go even further to push your kids and teach them the game to another level. We have emplimented a mentoring part  to our camp and we are bringing a total package in terms of basketball skills. I whole heartedly give my best to this camp and my staff will go over board to make sure your  child and camper will benefit while having a great time for the week. 

So let us mold your child's game. Each camper will feel that they are being singled out to do better and also brought along at their pace. Each camper also will be given an evaluation at the camps end to show to their parents detailing what their skill set is and what they can do to make it better. Let me remind you that this is a camp and we will push the kids . We will offer alot of fun things but also we want to push their games as well .Skill wise we will teach and  they will grow as players. Our goal is that each player leaves the camp with an advantage that they were at our camp and learned things that they didnt already know. Even if that is their heart growing fonder for the game, being more competitive or  being a smarter and better ball player. We want  each kid to grow. I stand by these words and my professional name as a former professional player and now a professional coach. I'm proud of my roots in Macon and it is one of the reasons that we work so hard to help our youth. Thanks and Lets get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Coach Sharone Wright.


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