What a glorious time we all had at the 2014 edition of the SWBBWK CAMP. The kids had an absolute ball.  here are some of the photos that we took. Thanks to Ron Hill for the great work.

The 18th annual Sharone Wright Basketball week (SWBBWK) is proud to be back for another year of fun and skills in the gym. For years we have been the best mixture of basketball and life skills in the middle Georgia area. This year promises to be the same . Our counselors  ,staff and head trainer are all veterans of this camp and they share the same passion for the kids in Macon.

Our camp was founded by my mother Carolyn Wright and myself. My mom wanted to give back to the community in a variety of ways and she saw the need to combine athletics and academic/life skills in Macon and surrounding counties. Through great leadership, discipline and had work I was able to make all of my dreams come hero ugh in the game of basketball. But my life skill dreams suffered because I as lightly prepared for certain mishaps. That's why I love this camp. We not only teach the game but we also teach LIFE.

Over the years we've had some spectacular guests from the world of NBA, NFL, MLB, colleges etc. we also have had great lessons taught by prominent scholars, businessmen , professionals and politicians. Every day is a great day at SWBBWK. Lunch is served daily and we also have a cafe on hand.

A big misconception is that we are a drop off camp. That is so far from the truth. In fact we spend loads of time on just fundamentals of our great game. Never has there ben a camp that gives so much . Our community service Day tops everything because it teaches the kids that there is more to life than thinking of yourself. We employe them to do charity work and volunteer in their community to make it better.

This year we are very very proud to partner with the Macon Parks and recreation dept. For years we have wanted to partner up with the parks and Rec Dept . It is truly a blessing to see the day it happens.

Jerry Stackhouse, Shawn Bradley , Tony Dawson, Chauncey Billups, Marcus Camby , Kareem  jackson, Damon Stoudamire and Derrick Alston are just a few stars that have graced the center court at our camps. 

Each day of the camp there is a dedicated effort to teach each child the game in a unique way. Our policy is no child left behind on a specific skill. I guarantee our camp will move your child as it has moved 2200 other kids in our glorious past.

To register your child , just email us at [email protected]. Please let us know your phone number, your child's age , tee shirt size and name. That will automatically register your child.

Camp starts on June - 2 and ends on June 5
Opening day starts at 8pm with registration.
Camp goes from 9AM-130pm daily.
Our website has many many FAQs.This site has many photos , testimonials from parents, schedules, blogs and lots of fun.
Lunch is served each day of camp .
Camp address is 1931 rocky creek rd.
                                      Macon, ga



Thank you on behalf of our SWBBWK staff, thank you for signing up for camp. Let's grow your kids game!!

Through our Nike ties and with Nike grassroots, Im so happy that Lebron James agreed to give all of our SWBBWK Swbbwk Wright campers a Miami Heat surprise in their camp bags this year. Thank you Nike and thank you Lebron. We have more spots... available for camp. We have now given away 21 scholarships with 14 left to go. 40 non scholarship roster spots have been taken as well via registration.

Camp will be held June 2-5 at the new Parks and Recreation Sports center.

1931 Rocky Creek Road
Macon ,GA

Best camp in middle Georgia for 18 years. Email registration is [email protected] please provide name,age,tee shirt size and phone. See More
Our Macon date is closing in and We cannot wait to Get started . If you have not registered please do so by emailing  your name, phone, age and tee shirt size to [email protected]  this will assure your roster spot for your particular camp. This year we have camps in Macon, Florence, Hartsville SC, Darlington SC and many more.  Its been a dream to reach as many kids as possible with our great camps and message . Our Florence camp is being done by our PEE DEE Vipers staff. This was a great season for the Vipers and we look forward to you all coming out to the Viper Camp and all of the camps in The PEE DEE Area.

Our Macon Camp Is in its 18th year. From the start it was a dream of Sharone Wright and his mother Carolyn wright. Its grown by leaps and bounds. Community service, skillset training and overall sportsmanship. We are deeply concerned with issues that affect our youth  as well. Big time guests, speaker series and  the best base of skillset training that any kid can get. We offer lunch and  team play as well. June 2-5 .

Florence Pee Dee Camp is the first of its kind in The Pee Dee area. Thriving off of he recent Vipers success, the camp will offer much of what the Macon camps have done for years. Lunch, training and community service, great speakers and even our very own Vipers in attendance. South Carolina and Clemson players in attendance . College and pro Counselors on hand to influence the campers and teach them the skills it takes to be a better player.  The Florence Stars gym is the place to be on  June 9-12 . register via email  at [email protected]  . In that email please specify that youre registering for the Viper Camp In Florence.  Heading up the Viper camp is Danieshia Brooks and Eric Linton. They are widely known all over Florence for Their work with the youth in Florence and the Pee Dee. We are soo proud to have them  aboard. Again you may register via email at [email protected]  and specify which camp you will attend in the email. please add name, phone, age and tee shirt size.

Darlington SC  has always been a hotbed of talent . This year we will venture to D Town for Swbbwk Darlington. Datails coming soon  June 16 -18. Heading up this camp is Angela Toni Charles. SHe is excited to bring such a great camp to Darlington. Again you may register via email at [email protected]  and specify which camp you will attend in the email. please add name, phone, age and tee shirt size.

Hartsville SC is widely considered one of he best basketball cities in South Carolina.  SWBBWK is proud to bring this camp to Hartsville . Our good friend Marcus Evans is heading up this camp. We are gonna have a huge turnout  for this camp. He promises that the skillset training , fun and spirit will last a long time . we havbe lots of speakers expected including some of your Hartsville heros coming back to help out . June 19-21 . Again you may register via email at [email protected]  and specify which camp you will attend in the email. please add name, phone, age and tee

As we gather together again for upcoming camp, I wanted to first say thank you to everyone that came out to camp last year. We look forward to another great summer of skills drills and learning . . If you want to grab a spot early for camp we will begin the roster April 1st. If you need information about our great camp please join the website and grab all of the daily facts. Remember the roster spots go very fast so act quick. Thanks also to all of the letters from the kids working on their goals in basketball, school and life. It was so much fun being pen pals with you guys.  Lets make dreams.  Coach wright.
JUNE 2-5
kurtis blow - We're playing basketball
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The anticipation of our SWBBWK camp is really spreading . We have weeks left and counting. Here are a few instructions and bits of information that will help you in registration and preparation. Thanks to all of our great staff. In our 15 year span , this has been the best response that we have ever had!

This summer promises to have even more fun, skillset training and education to match. With last summer being a great one, We decided to add even more education with our enrichment program. We partnered with a well known  group that focuses on Literary arts for kids. We are  very big fans of the literary world and reading in general. We believe that reading and comprehending is essential to the growth of kids today.

We also added a special new concept that will blow your socks off. I love the fact that we start each morning off with working the kids minds to strengthen them and then we go on to basketball.

In basketball we have the cream of the crop in skill-set training . Imagine 5 full days of really getting what your kids need for total court improvement. Our staff headed by Central Georgia Technical college head coach Reco Dawson is top of the line.

 Please check out fotos and testimonials and you will see that at any time anyone could pop up at our camp.

Thank you for your time. Its been 17 years of giving and sharing in our great community.


Here are some FAQ that we get and over all information about the best camp in history!!.


Dear Registered campers and parents.

Our opening day is approaching very fast and we at SWBBWK are very excited for a new summer of camp. Here are some instructions for those of you who have registered your kids for camp.





Opening day is June 10th and it  is very important because of the forms you must fill out as a parent but also the placement of your child with the correct group. So get there no later than 8:30 am ..





Each parent must fill out the registration form, Waiver form and others information sheets..Each roster spot is 100.00 dollars. We except only cash and money orders and or paying via this site.




Each camper will recieve lunch each day for 4 days and water through out the day. But our Cafe is always open ..




If your child cannot do the skills that we train, they will get special attention throughout the week .We leave no kid behind.




We also have a Very good Cafe with loads of good food and drinks as well.




Each day at 9:30 am till 10:50am   We have our Enrichment program.. Its our pride and joy and its Reading, Information and literature.




Our campers will receive shirts, gear and much much more during the week..




Our coaches are former  pro payers, college, high school and college coaches or players. They have been taught all of the necessary skills that I want for this week.



We have 2 Speakers per day.




All of our speakers are productive sound citizens of the world who have made a difference . We want speakers who can motivate our kids  through sports and non sports careers.





We also have team ball leagues during the week and  special contests for trophies on awards day.




Pick up time each day for the kids is 1:30pm daily.




You never know who will come by our camp. Just check the website  and see our special guests from the past years.  http://www.swbbwk.webs.com/




If there are any questions please email us here at [email protected]   or call coach Wright @ 909-753-6070









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